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If you purchased the Guided Dream Journal for Christian Dream Interpretation and would like to download a bookmark and a dream symbols map you can get access to that here:

Guided Dream Journal for Christian Dream Interpetation

Have you ever had a dream from God full of amazing symbols and imagery but you didn’t write it down and now you don’t know why you had that dream? Scripture tells us that God has amazing things to show us in our dreams. If you honor those dreams He will honor you by giving you revelation as to what it means! But what’s the best way to honor your dreams? By creating a systematic way of recording and interpreting them.

This guided dream journal offers the following features to help you:

• Guided prompts so you never forget an important element
• Open space for long epic or prophetic-type dreams
• Index to record the page numbers of each dream for easy referencing
• 150 numbered pages: 25 for guides and trackers, 125 for free-form journaling
• 55 lb 90 gram paper - suitable for standard gel pens and highlighters
• Dot-grid so you can sketch out your dream scenes
• Symbol tracker to recognize re-occurring dream symbols
• Theme tracker to recognize ongoing themes God is working out in your life
• Lifestyle tracker to recognize how your daily life is impacting your dreams

Do you know why God might want you to record your dreams?

Honor God by honoring your dreams:
Consider Job 33:15-16 NKJV - He opens the ears of men, and seals their instructions in dreams and visions of the night. By recording and interpreting your dreams you honor God’s desire to communicate with you.

Praying over your dreams can help discern if the dream is truly from God:
Not all dreams are from God. Some are soulish dreams. Interpreting your dreams requires prayer, knowledge of the Word, and listening to the Holy Spirit. Journaling your dreams helps to focus your time with God to discern the true reason you received that dream.

Writing out your dreams helps you to remember them:
Christians can hear from God, but sometimes it’s hard in our waking life. So God often gives us dreams when our minds are unoccupied. How will you remember all the details unless you write it out?

God’s instructions aren’t always clear to us:
Sometimes God warns us of things in our dreams. To get the most clarity on what He’s telling you it’s best if you have a systematic way of recording your dreams so you can revisit them when you need to.

God speaks to everyone differently:
Jesus used agricultural and fishing symbols in his parables because they meant something to his audience. By tracking your dreams in a systematic way you will begin to recognize God’s dream language that is unique to your life and experiences.

The more you EXPECT to hear from God the more you will hear:
If you’re wanting to grow in the prophetic, recording your dreams and what you feel you’re hearing from the Holy Spirit is a perfect way to sharpen that gift from God.

DISCLAIMER: This guided dream journal does not teach interpretation skills but guides you in the elements you should consider and gives you space to track certain elements. A Biblical dream interpretation book might be a good companion for you if you’re new to dream interpretation. There’s many on Amazon to choose from.

Grow in your relationship with God by honoring your dreams.

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Kingdom Keys Self-Guided Bible Study Journal

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Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Unlock the Kingdom of God in your Bible devotional time for a deeper connection to the Word

How many times have you sat down to read the Bible but just couldn't get engaged? Maybe you want to journal your time in the Word but you don't know where to start, or maybe you just want a fresh approach.

Kingdom Keys Self Guided Bible Study is a personal study journal that takes you through "key" elements of impactful Bible study. It allows for deep reflection and application for any portion of scripture you're reading. What portion of scripture you read is up to you. How you interact with that portion of scripture will determine if it's truly renewing your mind like the Bible instructs us. Kingdom Keys will guide your interactions so you don't forget important keys of effective Bible study.

Through the introductory pages you will learn what the "kingdom keys" are and why they're important according to the Bible. You will have a chance to work through a portion of scripture along with the author as you're going through the introductory material.

Kingdom Keys will allow you to:

  • Journal your time in God's Word for deeper connection to Him.

  • Focus on "keys" that the Bible says are important to focus on.

  • Stay focused without mind-drifting.

  • Allow for revelatory insight from the Holy Spirit.

  • Put into practice the renewing of your mind.

  • Create a system that links your Bible to your journal so your notes don't become "out of sight - out of mind."

  • Discover themes the Holy Spirit is continually drawing you toward.

  • Keep track of your daily Bible readings.

Kingdom Keys is designed to nurture ongoing deep devotional study time:
  • 90 journal entry spreads.

  • 2-page spreads to allow deep-dives.

  • Free-flowing design to allow freedom from confining boxes.

  • Large 7 x 10 journal for more space to journal your discoveries.

  • Trackers to be able to find and reference your entries.

  • Trackers to record themes the Holy Spirit is leading you to journal.

  • Systematic way to link your Bible to your journal entries.

  • Choose from Hardback or Softcover.

Connect more deeply with the Bible and the Kingdom of God by ordering this self-guided Bible study journal now!