About His Ancient Ways & Nancy B. Kline

Hello, I'm Nancy B. Kline and I'm so glad you're here! His Ancient Ways is a platform for me to share Bible study encouragement and motivation through various creations such as video tutorials, guided journals, printable downloads and giftable products.

The name and business idea for "His Ancient Ways" finds it's origin in a dream I had over a decade ago. I knew from the dream that I was being called to create a faith-based business that focused on God's "ancient" ways. After struggling for years with focus and consistency I started pressing into God's Word more and more and began earnestly pursuing a lifestyle that is rooted in His Word.

Somewhere during 2020-2021 God began reviving in my heart an old dream to start a You Tube channel after I received some positive feedback from sharing some of my Bible study methods in a small life-group. The phrase "His Ancient Ways" had been rattling around in my head since 2020 after having another dream and I wondered why. But then I realized that I was supposed to use it for my website and You Tube channel name when the Holy Spirit led me to Jeremiah 6:16: "Ask for the ancient paths where the good way is and walk it."

Being drawn to find greater seperation between myself and this crazy world, this verse stuck with me - if I just stop and seek God's ways through His Word and prayer and ask Him how to navigate this world, He will show me the good and straight way that aligns with His Word and faith in Jesus ALONE. And this is what God wants for you too!

One of the ways I've always drawn close to God is through journaling my time with Him. So when God began to grow my creative desires to encompass the world of self-publishing I knew I wanted to start with guided journals. And that's how "His Ancient Ways Publishing" was born which is the publishing arm of my business.

God has put many creative projects in my heart for this platform and I will share those projects when God's grace and timing permits me to create them. I pray you find these creative endeavors encouraging and that they motivate you to deepen your relationship with Jesus through reading, studying and praying His Word so you too can hear how He is leading you along His good way.